Made in Barcelona

Somos de Barcelona. Nacimos, crecimos y fabricamos aquí todos nuestros productos, con la inspiración que nos da una ciudad viva, original, cosmopolita, con un horizonte azul turquesa, con
mil rincones que descubrir y mil historias que contar. Somos de Barcelona y estamos orgullosos de enseñarle al mundo que Carpyen "Made in Barcelona" tiene un significado infinito e inagotable.

We are from Barcelona. We were born and we grew up here and we keep manufacturing all our products in here as well; we take our inspiration from a lively, original, cosmopolitan city, with a turquoise-blue horizon and thousands of nooks to discover and stories to tell. We are proud to show the world that Carpyen “Made in Barcelona” has a strong meaning, infinite and inexhaustible.